Scruffy Lookin' Podcasters

Scruffy Lookin' Podcasters
If you want Star Wars news... Google it! If you want two yanks and two brits sharing their life adventures and weekly shenanigans, whilst jumping into all things from a galaxy far far away, then this maybe the pod you're looking for.
"I've never made it till the end"Josh Chapman – a proper Star Wars podcaster
Recent Reviews
"Love them"
"State your name for the record"
"love these guys"
cajun fett
love this pod cast! so much fun listen to them talk about Star Wars! even if they didnt notice the Mando reup his charges. MTFBWY!Glen W
"Love it!"
Funny and full of Star Wars facts and news!!
"What a bunch of LADS!!"
David Strutt
I cannot rate these bunch nerf-herders highly enough.A truly enjoyable Star Wars podcast that you can crack open a Yorkshire and a packet of HobNobs to and relax. Witty banter (sometimes outrageous), fun segments and some phenomenal chemistry between the hosts.Cheers boys!Dave S.
"Kick butt show"
Charles Westcott
Deep content knowledge, fantastic chemistry and great topics make this show one of our tops! Add them to your playlist!Pat & CharlesConverSWations podcast
Very fun to listen to. Full of great information for the casual listener. Do a great job of explaining smaller details that the more avid can might not know.
"Entertaining and informative"
Great show! There are a lot of sources of Star Wars news, info, and trivia, but few of them have a funny, human touch like the Scruffy Looking Podcasters. I’ve enjoyed all of the content I have listened to, and appreciate their unfiltered, personal approach to the Star Wars universe. Keep up the great work!